OEM KYB Front Fork Free Pistons Break Easily

Posted by Gerald Langston on

KYB Fork Free Piston Breaks

KYB AOB Twin Chamber front forks have these plastic free pistons that break easily!  This can cause problems for your front suspension and maybe cause you the race. 

This is one Example of a Cracked Free Piston

Zeta Racing Solved this Problem by make a stronger free piston that could with stand even the harshest terrains.  It is made out of Light weight aluminum and comes in two version which is the standard comparable to your OE suspension feel and the Light version which uses less friction, providing a softer feel and smoother front fork movement.  The light version is ideal for Enduro/Cross Country Motorcycles.

Fork Free Piston

Standard Free Piston 

Fork Free Piston

Light Weight Version

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