What to do when you Suck up rope in your Personal Watercraft

Posted by Gerald Langston on

Your out at the beach or the lake having fun with your Waverunner, maybe towing your kids on a banana or wake board.  Then all of a sudden you suck up your tow rope when you slowdown.  This is actually a common incident with personal watercrafts.  Before this happens make sure your tow rope is water friendly and floats on the water like Airhead tow ropes.

First thing to do is shut the engine off right away, in most cases the engine will just shut off from the rope being wrapped around it.  Never ever flip your Waverunner over specially when it's on the water you won't get access to the intake by doing this.  This could cause water to get into the engine and could cause more damage.  

Get the Watercraft out of the water.  First disconnect the battery and look inside the intake if you can see the rope and you will need to cut the rope.  If you shut off the engine early enough then the rope should not have balled up yet and you should be able to easily take it out.  It's always good to take your Waverunner to a dealer like Langston Motorsports if all else fails.  

For all your Personal Watercraft needs come to Langston Motorsports for great deals and service.  We offer full Service for your Yamaha Waverunner.  Remember fun starts here!



This was a customer's Yamaha Waverunner with a bundle of rope stuck in it.


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