Yamaha WR250R Retro Conversion Kit 2008-2017 Models

  • $1,427.30

Yamaha WR250R is one of the most popular Yamaha Dual Sport motorcycles for beginners and seasoned riders alike.  Here we have the Yamaha WR250R Retro upgrade kit.  

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-Yamaha WR250R/X kit comes with the classic style tank, seat, side cover, radiator covers, front fender and head light unit.  

-No need for any modifications, it just bolts on making it a 70's style motocross dirtbike

Part Number DM56-0100

-Yamaha WR250R/X Retro kit comes only with Aluminum tank, seat, side cover and radiator cover (as pictured)

-Our Kit includes the White OEM Rear Fender

Yamaha WR250R Retro Kit

WR250R/X White Rear Fender

Part Number DM56-0102

-Yamaha WR250R/X kit comes with Retro Front Fender/Light Kit

-Comes with UFO vintage front fender

-Includes fender and speedometer brackets and UFO headlight assembly

Yamaha WR250R Retro Kit

***For the complete kit except the rear fender please add both part numbers to your shopping cart