2-Stroke Heads and Inserts

VHM cylinder heads with exchangeable combustion chamber.

VHM produces exchangeable cylinder heads for two-stroke engines in motocross and road racing. With the experience gained in two-stroke tuning, VHM develops products of high quality.

The combustion chamber is very easy to change, just untighten the cylinder head, take it off and you can change the combustion chamber. This makes it very easy to adjust the combustion ratio to different tracks and fuels that are used. Combustion chambers are available in different volumes.

During intensive tests, on the racetrack as on the VHM testbench, the cylinder head showed a better temperature development in the cylinder head. A lower engine temperature followed. The explanation of this phenomenon is the use of a special aluminum alloy which has a very good heat transference. Another advantage of the material is its resistance to detonation. It's also possible to design your own combustion chamber, just take a blind combustion chamber and you can make any type that you want.

Or you can give us the technical information needed and we produce the insert for you.


- VHM Gold Head
- VHM Blue Head