Adventure Armor Handguard

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Zeta Adventure Bike Specific Armor Handguards

Equip your adventure bike for any terrain with Universal Zeta Adventure Bike Specific Armor Handguards. Engineered for durability and versatility, these handguards provide unmatched protection against debris, branches, and weather elements. Designed to fit a wide range of adventure bikes, they offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Dominate off-road trails with confidence and upgrade your adventure game with Zeta's premium armor handguards today!


Picture Color Part Number
Black Adventure Bike Handguards Black ZE72-6001
Titanium Color Adventure Bike Handguard Ti-Color ZE72-6003


 Handguard Mount Handguard Bar End
A long type U clamp is designed to largely avoid brake hoses, banjos and wires.
When mounting on a handlebar with braces, check for a U clamp mounting space.
Two types of bar end spacers are included to prevent lever interference and to fine-adjust the installation.
The spacers provide more space between guard and throttle and switch boxes. You do not need to re locate them on your handlebar, keep them at the stock position.



- High grade aluminum made handguard that fit large bending angle and short handlebar, especially adventure tourer bike and dual sport bike.
- The overall short length of the body reduces interference with the cowl / screen or meter, and a selected flat head bolt on the connecting portion with the U-clamp further reduces interference with the screen.
- Spacers are included to avoid interference with the end of the lever and to adjust the position of the guard body.
- All protectors for armor guards can be attached.
- Inner diameter 13.5 to 19mm for φ22.2mm Handlebar.