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Air Valve Big Nut

  • $4.95

DRC Products Air Valve Big Nut

This is almost a must with every tire.  We all know that sometime it's hard to put air on your tire with the air valve sitting too low inside your rim.  With this Air Valve Big Nut it makes the Air Valve higher, more stable, and easy to access.  Best part about this you don't need any tools to use it, even with a gloved hand it's easy peasy!


- Nut for valve stem that can be used without a wrench.
- Also for use as a tool to help pull off the air valve stem when
changing the tire and keep the valve stem out when pumping the air in.
- Knurled surface is easy to turn.

Part # Color Size
D59-04-220 Red W 20 mm x T 6 mm