Bell MX-9 Adventure Offroad and Dualsport Helmet MIPS Equipped

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Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet with MIPS Technology

Bell Helmets have been the go to helmet for both Offroad and Street riders, offering both functionality and superb safety.  The experts at Bell really put their heads together to help protect your head, you do only have one.  Now with added MIPS Technology which was Spawned from their legendary research and years of experience from both dirt and street knowledge to make an affordable MIPS equiped dualsport helmet that offers comfort and safety all rolled into one.  The MX-9 Adventure with MIPS can be more street friendly by taking the peak visor off and going full on street mode, it can also be more dirt friendly by flipping the shield up and throwing in a pair for offroad goggle on it.  The MX-9 with MIPS is truly an all around helmet.

This is the number one helmet of choice for Supercross and Motocross champions all over the world.  Bell Powersports Helmets has won countless championships over the years.  In fact our very own Grant Langston has won his World Championship title using a Bell Helmet, the trusted brand that delivers safety.


• Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction

• 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit

• Integrated/Removable shield with NutraFog IITM anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protection

• Velocity Flow VentilationTM system for maximum cooling

• Two point adjustable VisorTM with air intake vents

• Removable/washable anti-bacterial interior

• Padded chin strap with D-ring closure

• Industry-leading Five-year warranty


Size Chart and Fit Guide 

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    MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technologyinside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. 

    Bell Helmets MIPS technology


    When a head rotates quickly and comes to a sudden stop, the rotational acceleration can cause the brain tissue to experience high levels of strain. The stretching of the tissue that can be caused by these motions can result in various types of brain injury. We believe that helmets equipped with MIPS technology can provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts.

    Bell Helmets importance


    MIPS uses a slip-plane system that moves inside the helmet, mimicking the brain’s own protection system. This layer is designed to rotate inside the helmet with the intent to potentially slow or reduce the amount of energy transferred to or from the head. Science tells us that if we can reduce the strains associated with rotational acceleration, we might reduce the risk and severity of brain injury.

    Bell Helmets How MIPS work



    1500 Grams


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