VHM Crankshaft KTM 125SX / Husqvarna TC125 2016 - 2022

  • $2,100.99

VHM Crankshaft KTM 125SX / Husqvarna TC125 2016 - 2022 / GasGas MC125 2021 - 2023 middle inertia + VHM light weight connecting rod kit CRK1502

This VHM crankshaft is designed with a higher inertia for an improved handling and performance and a better balance percentage for less vibrations.

You'll notice the high quality, as the runout is within 0.01mm and it can be rebuild many times without losing the strength and stiffness.

Besides that, this crankshaft is assembled with a special lightweight connecting rod kit (CRK1502) and must be used with the massive big end pin to ensure the best balance factor for minimum engine vibrations.

The connecting rod weight has 19 grams less weight compared to the OEM connecting rod and improves throttle response.

Through engine braking, standard big end hole of conrod deforms 0,015-0,02 mm oval, while our VHM conrod only deforms 0,005 mm (due to high strength material). In addition, this conrod is also super finished, which ensures a smooth surface. This helps prevent small fractures in the material.

  • Better mid and top over revolutions
  • Better handling
  • Higher corner speed
  • Longevity and accuracy
  • Less vibration