DRC Honda CRF250L/M/RALLY Moto LED Edge 2 Tail Light Assembly

  • $76.99
  • Save $4.96

MOTO LED EDGE2 Tail Light Holder Steel for CRF250L/M/RALLY

Significantly lighter than your stock/OEM Tail Light

Light Weight Tail Light for CRF250L

-Edge tail light holder kit designed for HONDA CRF250L.
- Comes with edge tail light, license plate and flasher brackets.
- The compact design for center of gravity for sport riding.
- Tail light bracket is made of steel for extreme durability.
- Special oval bolt hole allows to adjust up and down tail light position.
- Two different flasher holes for both OEM and 8mm flashers.

*Carbon fiber license plate holder in the picture is not included with the kit

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Type Part # Lens Color Image
CRF250L/M -2016 D45-18-707 Red CRF250L Tail Light Red
D45-18-507 Smoke CRF250L Tail Light Smoke
CRF250L/M/RALLY 2017- D45-18-708 Red CRF250L Tail Light Red D45-18-707
D45-18-508 Smoke CRF250L Tail Light Smoke D45-18-708