Fox Proframe Chest Protector

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Fox Racing Proframe LC roost deflectors are your low-profile, sleek solution to upper-body coverage and help save you when you take a spill! These roost guards are designed to be 100 percent neck support compatible and are easily and quickly adjustable to fit all rider body types. An easy-to-use buckle system is integrated into the chest plate, and the back plate is removable if you choose to wear the chest plate only. Adjustable shoulder straps and a 2-position adjustable back plate provide the wearer with a precise fit, for use with or without a neck brace. Fox Racing Proframe LC roost deflectors feature a Biofoam chassis that's soft against your body, letting you focus on what's important--your ride!

The Proframe is the only roost guard of its type that is 100% neck support compatible and quickly adjustable to fit all body types. The low profile fit, integrated buckle system, and removable back panel add to an impressive list of Proframe perks.

  • Low profile neck brace compatible roost deflector
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a precise fir with or without neck brace
  • Easy to use buckle system integrated into chest plate
  • Removable back plate allows rider to wear chest plate only
  • 2 position adjustable back plate for a precise fit
  • Soft Biofoam chassis against body for a comfortable fit