Fox Raptor Vest Chest Protector

  • $199.99

Complete unrestricted full body coverage in a versatile neck brace compatible fit. The new adult Raptor features full side coverage via plastic side plate, completely adjustable and removable shoulder and bicep coverage with C.E.-certified back coverage.

Raptor Vest not only provides several wearable options but it also is flexible without sacrificing protection.  Fox has engineered this chest protector with supercross and motocross riders safety in mind.  With it's light weight design, fox has really outdone themselves.  The best in roost deflectors.

  • Full-wrap body coverage via plastic side panels.
  • C.E. Certified 1621-2 back coverage.
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder and bicep coverage.
  • Neck brace compatible with adjustable front plate.
  • Integrated buckle system.