Hinson Complete Clutch Fiber, Steel, and Spring Kit

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FSC Clutch Plate and Spring Kit

Hinson is the winningest clutch manufacturer in the Motorcycle offroad industry.  Started in 1990 by Wayne Hinson who made the first clutch basket by hand for legendary quad racer, Garry Denton, because the stock basket kept falling to pieces.  Denton eventually won 8 straight titles in the ATV National Championship series.  Since then this is the clutch of choice for factory teams.  

Hinson - High Performance Clutch Plate Kits

  • Can be used with OE baskets, inner hubs, & pressure plates*
  • Developed with and recommended to enhance the performance of Hinson clutch baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates
  • Provide optimum hook up with minimum heat build up
  • Exceptional production tolerances and flatness
  • All fiber plates use organic non-abrasive materials to avoid damage to rest of motor as plate materials break down and are circulated through engine by oil manufactured to OE specs using high quality materials.

*Honda CR250R 1992-2007 Clutch Plate Kit is for use exclusively with Hinson Billetproof 6 Spring Clutch kit only

*Honda 8-plate clutch plate is for use exclusively with Hinson Billetproof 6 Spring Clutch

*Honda 8-Plate clutch plate kit for use as a replacement for Hinson Complete Clutch Kit HC789-0816 only