Langston Motorsports' 2000-2017 Suzuki DRZ400S/SM Black Mamba 39mm FCR Carburetor Kit

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The Suzuki DRZ400 has been deemed one of the most agile dirt bike or supermoto motorcycles out there.  Performance gains is always the goal with the DRZ400, that is why a carburetor upgrade like this Sudco 39mm Oversized carburetor specially designed for the Suzuku DRZ400 gives you the intake that you need for that much needed performance gain and also relieving stress on the motor as compared to the stock carburetor that it comes with.

Carburetion is critical with the DRZ. It comes stock with a CV carb which is how they punish motors that have been bad in third-world countries. We liberated the DRZ motor with a Keihin 39mm FCR carb from Sudco. This is sold as a full kit, including all the adapters necessary to make it fit properly. The DRZ400E (dirt-only model) comes with a similar set-up for about twice the cost.(Dirt Bike Magazine, Oct. 2007) 

Kit includes the following: 

  • 39 mm FCR Big Bore Carburetor
  • Intake & Air Box Manifold Adapters
  • Throttle and Hot Start Cables