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Sena 20S Universal Bluetooth Communication System Slim Speakers

  • $79.99

The 20S Clamp Kit for CB/Audio Systems allows users to communicate through the motorcycles CB radio and listen to the onboard audio system.

These are perfect for those who are looking for slimmer options when installing it on a half-helmet or cruiser type helmet.

  • Communicate with the CB radio built into the onboard audio system using the clamp kits microphone. Simply push the PTT button connected to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to say something through the CB radio
  • All sounds (including CB radio, GPS navigation or FM radio) from the onboard audio system can be mixed with 20S sound sources (intercom, MP3 music, phone etc.) This 20s clamp kit can connect to Harley-Davidson onboard audio system by the adaptor cable
  • You can use the CB/Audio Helmet Clamp with the 20S main module. Without the 20S main module, you can have the helmet clamp with the clamp cover adaptor attached and only use the CB radio and onboard audio system
  • Comes with 2 microphones included (wired boom mic and fixed boom mic)