Streetbike Race Track Rear Spool Stand U-Type

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Universal Rear Street Bike Stand

This Race Track Rear Spool Stand is capable of lifting both spools to lift the rear end of your Street Bike.  The Universal adjustable U-type rear stand fits all twin-arm road bikes from 250cc up to your full size street bikes.  It is made out of tough powder coated steel tubes adding durability. The dual wheels make lifting the rear end of the smoother and more secure. It also has a convenient handle promoting ease of use.  With this stand it makes repairing your motorcycle a breeze.  Whether it's just to store your bike in your garage, replacing the tires, or adjusting your chain, this is the perfect addition to your garage or track day.  

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- Street bike universal rear spool stand allowing rear wheel removal and easy chain adjustment or maintenance. 
- Lift bike with installed swing arm spools. 
- Adjustable U shape adapter to fit many different street bikes. 
- U shape adapter design catches and holds the spools securely even stands fits diagonally. 
- Material : Steel 
- Color : Black 
- Height : 360 mm 
- Width : 295 mm - 410 mm

* Can not be used for motorcycle which swing arm heights on left and right are different, or one sided swing arm.