Suzuki SV650/SV650S Slip-On System (2017)

  • $619.98

Two Brothers Racing-TBR is the leader in sport and cruiser motorcycle performance. Specializing in Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Harley Davidson. A true child of the 1980's, since then TBR has a race proven reputation when it comes to quality and speed not to mention race wins.  Two Brother's Racing exhaust remain to be the number one aftermarket exhaust of choice to provide speed and lightweight performance.  Plus it sounds awesome.

Like all of our products, our SV650/SV650S slip-on exhaust systems were developed to surpass what is offered on the market today. Engineered to compliment the quality and performance of Suzuki’s products, these handcrafted systems deliver unparalleled sound and performance for the ultimate race experience.

S1R Race Exhaust Features:

    • 3hp @ 6800rpm
    • 6lbs of weight savings
    • aerospace high-temp carbon fiber
    • black teflon coated magnesium end-cap
    • black stamped spring-fit inlet
    • black aluminum CNC machined outlet
    • rubber-lined styled mount
    • spiral-wound perforated core
    • accepts sound reduction tips

We take performance seriously.

It its crucial that each system delivers the sound and performance our heritage claims. Extensive R&D is scheduled from the bends, the sound, the dyno, and the track. Every part of the bikes range is analyzed to respectively create the best horsepower, torque, and sound. The extensive process applies to both full and slip-on platforms. Have confidence that you will receive absolute top level out of box performance and power and be competitive among motorcycle enthusiast. The track and power is our focus for exhaust systems, but this does not sacrifice the heritage and aesthetics that Two Brothers Racing is known for. Starting with the art of crafted bends and welds, through selected high-end outer and inner materials, and firing out of our unique magnesium end caps, we are the aftermarket leader of function and form in one exhaust system.

Increase horsepower, gain torque, improve sound, and drop weight.


(muffler/end cap length and orientation may vary, see bike image for accurate representation)

S1R Standard Carbon


S1R Black Series Aluminum


S1R Black Series Carbon