*NEW* VHM Preformance Upgrade kit KTM 65SX 2009 - 2020 / Husqvarna TC65 2017 - 2020, KTM 65SX Husqvarna TC65 Performance Kit, VHM  - Langston Motorsports

*NEW* VHM Preformance Upgrade kit KTM 65SX 2009 - 2023 / Husqvarna TC65 2017 - 2023

  • $2,271.92

KTM 65SX/TC65  Full Performance Kit

Increase Overall Performance and Power Delivery of your KTM 65SX or Husqvarna TC65 with the VHM Kit.

Kit Includes:

-VHM Middle Inertia Crankshaft

-VHM 44.96mm 12 Degree Flat Top Piston 

-VHM Cylinder Head with Special Insert for use with 12 Degree Piston

-VHM Reed valve system

-VHM Powervalve adjuster with 2 stage spring

-VHM Powervalve base

-VHM Exhaust flange

*Important note
This upgrade kit contains a 12° VHM piston, which can only be used in combination with the special insert for 12° piston

*These kits are made to order, please allow 1 week to ship

VHM Cylinder Head with Special Insert for 12 Degree Piston

The world famous golden VHM head with exchangeable combustion chamber is specially developed for optimal power output during the whole race and has an improved water duct. It's manufactured from a high quality alloy and O-rings are used for the sealing.

Use insert AE32167-

  • More engine power
  • Better heat transference
  • More resistance to detonation
  • Exchangeable combustion chambers available

    This insert with 5.20cc volume is the VHM standard for KTM 65SX and is developed for the best overall performance. The combustion chamber fits the VHM cylinder head perfectly and is easy to change. The last numbers of the part number are engraved on the insert for indentification.

    Use in combination with VHM head AA33112 and VHM 12° piston APKT06521722

    • Best overall performance
    • Quick to adjust
    • Good resistance to detonation

    Raise cylinder with 0.10mm. This insert does not fit into an OEM head, only a VHM cylinder head.

      Type: VHM standard
      Volume: [cc] 5.20
      Piston height: [mm] +0.40
      Squish: [mm] 0.80
      Piston crown shape: Flat top 12°
      Bore: Ø45
      Part number(INSERT): AE32167-059
      Part number(HEAD)AA33112

      VHM Crankshaft KTM 65SX 2009 - 2018 / Husqvarna TC65 2017 - 2018 middle inertia

      This VHM crankshaft is designed with a higher inertia for an improved handling and performance and a better balance percentage for less vibrations. You'll notice the high quality, as the runout is within 0.01mm and it can be rebuild many times without losing the strength and stiffness.

      • Better mid and top over revolutions
      • Better handling
      • Higher corner speed
      • Longevity and accuracy
      • Less vibration

      Part number: AK20097-1

      Link: Middle inertia crankshaft

      VHM 44.96mm 12 Degree Flat Top Piston 

      This 12° VHM piston is specially developed for a maximum performance gain. It must be used in combination with a VHM 12° insert and head. This piston is 100% CNC machined from high quality material and has a non-circular profile. They stand for high performance, longevity and keeping high performance during it's lifetime.

      Use in combination with VHM insert AE32167-059 and complementary VHM head AA33112.

      • High performance
      • Inside coating
      • Longevity
      • Keeps high performance during lifetime

      This piston needs a clearance of 0.04mm! Must be used in combination with a VHM 12° insert and head.

      Part number: APKT06521722B

      Link: Piston kit

      VHM reed valve system

      The reed valve house has the best flow and is made of high quality aluminium. With the combination of special carbon reeds and stoppers, more torque and power in the lower and upper rpm range are gained compared to the standard valve. The reedvalve includes the needed gaskets and reed petals.

      Part number: RV37006

      Link: Reed valve

      VHM powervalve adjuster with 2 stage spring

      When using another exhaust pipe, it will influence the opening of the power valve. With the VHM power valve adjuster with 2 stage spring, you are able to adjust the opening timing of the powervalve easily with the screw. The first stage of the spring allows the powervalve to open very easily for a better and direct response. The second part of the spring keeps the powervalve fully open for a maximum exhaust flow. The VHM powervalve adjuster is made from high quality aluminium.

      • Easily adjust the opening timing

      The VHM powervalve adjuster fits the VHM cylinder head (AA33112), VHM powervalve base (DA31181) as well as the OEM cylinder head and powervalve base.

      Part number: DA31153

      Link: Power valve adjuster

      VHM powervalve base

      The VHM powervalve base is designed with a stronger center base which provides a better support and guidance of the powervalve. The powervalve will always function during all circumstances.

      • Better support of the powervalve

      The VHM powervalve base fits the VHM cylinder head (AA33112) as well as the OEM cylinder head.

      Part number: DA31181

      Link: Power valve base

      VHM exhaust flange

      This VHM exhaust flange has a better fitment and a better quality than the original cast exhaust extension and therefore ensures a better occlusion. The exhaust pipe with O-ring seals fits perfectly on the VHM exhaust flange. The flange is made from aluminium and has another design with springholder. The original bracket for the spring is not necessary.

      • Better occlusion, no leaking

      Part number: DA31194

      Link: Exhaust flange