VHM Air airbox cover (high volume) Yamaha YZ250F 2019 - 2022 / YZ450F 2018 - 2022

  • $369.99

The carbon airbox cover does not only look good on your bike, it also greatly improves over the whole curve, from bottom to top power!

A Yamaha washer (5TJ-21757-00) is included in the box, as the one on your bike might need to be replaced when mounting the carbon airbox cover.

Mounting the VHM carbon airbox cover is quite simple!
1. Open the cap
2. Disconnect hose
3. Turn head screw loose
4. Remove standard cover
5. Mount VHM airbox cover
6. First fit / click in the hinges at the bottom
7. Push the top down
8. Turn and tighten head screw (use headscrew and collar from standard cap)
9. Click hose back on
10. Close cap again
11. Tuck the hose in handlebar cover

  • More power from bottom to top
  • Awesome look
  • Very easy to mount

** PLEASE NOTE: These airboxes are expertly handcrafted using high quality manufacturing techniques. Due to the process of being hand made, there may be some minor imperfections in the clear coat applied to the carbon fiber. These imperfections are purely cosmetic, and in no way affect quality or performance.