VHM carbon air intake KTM 450SX-F / Husqvarna FC450 2019 - 2020

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Developed for an optimum air flow and made of real carbon. When the engine is running and temperatures rise, the airbox rubber usually deforms. This is due to the high temperatures as it get's more soft, which leads to an even less optimal air flow. Our carbon intake prevents the airbox from deforming and improves greatly on bottom power.

Mounting the intake
1. Take the air filter cover off
2. First you need to disassemble the temperature sensor
3. Make sure the temperature sensor points down. Hold the intake in one hand, with the aluminium label facing towards you.
4. Ensure the intake is fitted all the way through the end, you need to give it a firm push. The hole for the temp. sensor should match the hole in the rubber.
5. Assemble the temperature sensor, it goes through the airbox rubber and intake.
6. Mount the air filter support and air filter cover for driving.
7. Need to clean your bike? You can mount an airbox cover so it's water resistant.

  • Real carbon
  • Massive bottom power improvement
  • Optimum air flow
  • Easy to mount
  • Prevents airbox rubber from deforming at high temperatures
  • Including hole for temperature sensor
  • Ensures that dirt/mud is evenly spread over whole airbox

*These are made to order so allow 1-2 weeks before it ships