KTM 85SX 03'-20'/ Husqvarna TC85 03'-20' VHM Special 12° piston kit and Special Insert

  • $275.99

VHM piston kit

This 12° VHM piston is specially developed for a maximum performance gain. It must be used in combination with a VHM 12° insert and head. This piston is 100% CNC machined from high quality material and has a non-circular profile. They stand for high performance, longevity and keeping high performance during it's lifetime.

*Use in combination with VHM insert AE32281-013 (2018), AE32226-056 (2013 - 2017) or AE32087-112 (2004 - 2012) and complementary VHM head AA33171 (2018), AA33145 (2013 - 2017) or AA33068 (2004 - 2012).*

*These kits are made to order, please allow 1 week to ship

  • High performance
  • Inside coating and special Z-clips
  • Longevity
  • Keeps high performance during lifetime

This piston needs a clearance of 0.05mm! Must be used in combination with a VHM 12° insert and head.

VHM insert

This insert with 8.00cc volume is the VHM standard for KTM 85SX with 12° piston and is developed for the best overall performance. The combustion chamber fits the VHM cylinder head perfectly and is easy to change. The last numbers of the part number are engraved on the insert for indentification.

Use in combination with VHM head AA33171 and VHM 12° piston APKT08521707

  • Best overall performance
  • Quick to adjust
  • Good resistance to detonation

This insert does nog fit into an OEM head, only a VHM head