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Wide Foot Pegs

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DRC Dirt Bike Wide Foot Pegs

Replace those narrow OEM foot pegs with the DRC Wide Chromoly Foot Pegs.  When you are on your dirt bike a stable platform when riding is important.  The DRC Wide Foot Pegs offer a wider platform and the ridges offer more traction for your foot preventing you from slipping.  Over all it offers more control on your bike. We also offer several height options depending on your preference.  Please see application chart by clicking below.

Honda CRF1000 Wide Foot Pegs High +5 Available Now Part Number: D48-02-834


- Durable steel wide foot pegs.
- Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability.
- 50mm step width provides better grip and control.
- Mid, High ( 5 mm higher than medium peg position ) and Low ( 5 mm lower than medium peg position ) are available for rider's body type or use. ( Excluding some models. )
- Black powder coating finish.

Height + 5mm
Higher center gravity than stock position for easy cornering.Good for shorter riders.

Low -5mm
Lower center gravity than stock position for better traction while standing.
Good to for taller riders.

Application Chart Click Here