Zeta Aluminum Foot Pegs

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Light Weight Aluminum Foot Pegs

Replace those narrow heavy OEM foot pegs with the Zeta Racing Aluminum Foot Pegs.  When you are on your dirt bike a stable platform when riding is important.  The Aluminum Foot Pegs offer a wider platform and the spikes offer more traction for your foot preventing you from slipping.  Over all it offers more control on your bike. 


- CNC machined A2014 forged aluminum foot peg.
- 57 mm width foot pegs provides better foot peg traction and control.
- Light weight design comes with beautiful anodized finish and zeta laser print logo.
- SUS 304 stainless pins provides better grip.
- Available for recent MX bikes.
- Comes with brake saver.

Check out these easy to find application charts for your bike.


Application Chart Click Here