Zeta MX Kawasaki/Suzuki Handle Bars Black 1 1/8 Size Bars

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SX-3 HANDLEBAR 1 1/8 in (28.6mm)


- ZETA revolutionary over-sized handlebar.
- Tested and developed by Japanese factory riders.
- Made of A7075-T6 aluminum for strength and durability.
- Knurled grip area to resist slippage.
- Many bends available for MX racers, ED, Mini racer, Free style, Super Motard, and Trial.
- Included large size foam bar pad.

Same Bend as the following:

KX125/250'03-05, RM125/250'02-05, RMZ250'04-06, KX250F'04-05

Check out these easy to find application charts for your bike.


Check out our handle bar simulator by clicking on the link below.

Handle Bar Simulator.

ZE06-2141 A=803 B=95 C=57 D=213 E=54