Zeta Screw in Front Fork Top Bleeder

  • $22.46
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- Allows bleeding of air pressure without additional tools.
- Easy to install. Replace the OEM bleeder screw with the Fork Top Bleeder.
- Fits most KAYABA and Showa upside-down forks. ( Excluding KX250F ’11- ,YZ85 , RMZ250/450 ‘13- )
- Available bleeder for KTM / HUSKY / WP Suspension.
- Colors available ( Anodized ) : Blue, Red and Titanium. Red, Orange and titanium for KTM / HUSKY / WP.
- Comes in pairs.

Check out these easy to find application charts for your bike.


*Please see application chart below

Parts Number Description Color
ZE91-1103 SHOWA / KYB Titanium
ZE91-1106 SHOWA / KYB Red
ZE91-1107 SHOWA / KYB Blue
ZE91-4102 KTM / HUSKY/ WP Blue
ZE91-4103 KTM / HUSKY/ WP Titanium
ZE91-4106 KTM / HUSKY/ WP Red
ZE91-4107 KTM / HUSKY/ WP Orange