Zeta Trigger Brake Pedal

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Adjustable Brake Pedal

The Zeta Trigger Brake pedal, is the perfect light weight upgrade to your existing OEM brake pedal.  It is adjustable giving you position options for the tip making your riding more comfortable and secure plus it come with a brake saver as well.  The tip folds inward and springs back, in the event of a crash, preventing your brake arm from being bent.  Lastly with the colored anodized aluminum tip it gives your bike that factory look.  Zeta the brand that racers trust!


- Brake arm is made of forged A2014 aluminum for durability.
- Smooth surface design as OE brake arm.
- Black anodized finish with laser print logo.
- Brake tip is mode of CNC machined A7079 aluminum with anodized finish.
- Bolt, pin and spring are made of stainless steel for less corrosion.
- Comes with brake saver.

Application Chart Click Here


2017.11.6 updated

Bike Year Color Part number
CRF250R 04-18 Red ZE90-7012
CRF450R 05-18 Red ZE90-7012
CRF450RX 17-18 Red ZE90-7012
CRF250L/M 12-17 Red ZE90-7022
CRF250RALLY 17 Red ZE90-7022
CRF1000L/DCT 16-17 Red ZE90-7082
YZ125 05-18 Blue ZE90-7316
YZ250 05-18 Blue ZE90-7316
YZ250F 10-18 Blue ZE90-7326
YZ450F 10-18 Blue ZE90-7336
YZ125X 17-18 Blue ZE90-7316
YZ250X 16-18 Blue ZE90-7316
YZ250FX 15-18 Blue ZE90-7326
YZ450FX 16-18 Blue ZE90-7336
WR250F 15-18 Blue ZE90-7326
WR450F 12-18 Blue ZE90-7336
WR250R/X 07-17 Blue ZE90-7346
SEROW250 05-17 Black ZE90-7350
TRICKER 04-17 Black ZE90-7350
XT250X 06-17 Black ZE90-7350
XT250 08-18 Black ZE90-7350
KX250F 06-18 Red ZE90-7112
KX450F 16-18 Red ZE90-7122
KLX250/D-TRACKER 01-16 Red ZE90-7182
RMZ250 13-18 Red ZE90-7212
RMZ450 08-18 Red ZE90-7222
RMX450Z 10-17 Red ZE90-7222
250SB 02-06 Red ZE90-7182
DRZ400S/SM 00-17 Red ZE90-7282
125EXC 11-16 Orange ZE90-7413
125SX 11-15 Orange ZE90-7413
125SX 16-18 Orange ZE90-7423
125XC-W 17 Orange ZE90-7423
150SX/XC 11-15 Orange ZE90-7413
150SX/XC-W 16-18 Orange ZE90-7423
200EXC/XC/XC-W 01-16 Orange ZE90-7413
250SX 11-16 Orange ZE90-7413
250SX-F/XC-F 11-15 Orange ZE90-7413
250SX-F/XC-F 16-18 Orange ZE90-7423
250EXC-F/XCF-W 11-16 Orange ZE90-7413
250EXC-F 17-18 Orange ZE90-7423
300XC/XC-W 11-16 Orange ZE90-7413
350SX-F/XC-F 11-15 Orange ZE90-7413
350SX-F/XC-F 16-18 Orange ZE90-7423
350EXC-F/XCF-W 11-16 Orange ZE90-7413
350EXC-F 17-18 Orange ZE90-7423
450SX-F/XC-F 11-15 Orange ZE90-7413
450SX-F 16-18 Orange ZE90-7423
450EXC/XC-W 12-16 Orange ZE90-7413
450EXC-F 17-18 Orange ZE90-7423
500EXC/XC-W 12-16 Orange ZE90-7413
500EXC-F 17-18 Orange ZE90-7423
TE150 17-18 Blue ZE90-7426
TE250/300 14-16 Blue ZE90-7416
FE250-501 14-16 Blue ZE90-7416
FE250/350 17-18 Blue ZE90-7426
FE450/501 17-18 Blue ZE90-7426
TC125 16-18 Blue ZE90-7426
TC250 14-16 Blue ZE90-7416
FC250/350/450 14-15 Blue ZE90-7416
FC250/350/450 16-18 Blue ZE90-7426
TX125 17-18 Blue ZE90-7426
FX350/450 17-18 Blue ZE90-7426

After selecting the TIP position, please apply a screw lock agent to be sure to bolt.

Trigger Brake Pedal Arm Trigger Brake Pedal Tip
Black Anodized Finish with Laser Print Logo Thin tip design to prevent it from hitting the ground. Designed to prevent sand and mud from entering the tip folding area from front and side of brake tips. Pins are designed for sensitive pedal control and traction.
Adjustable Brake Pedal Tip Folding Brake Tip
Provides Several Adjustable Positions Folding Tip design to prevent breakage

Check out these easy to find application charts for your bike.


*New Brake Pedal for Honda CRF1000L part number ZE90-7082 now available.

Replacement Tip Mount
Part number Color
ZE90-7902 Red
ZE90-7903 Orange
ZE90-7906 Blue

After selecting the TIP position, please apply a screw lock agent to be sure to bolt.