Zeta Universal Pivot Clutch Perch CNC Machined

  • $141.29
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- High quality CNC machined rotating clutch perch with Pivot Lever CP Clutch K-Type.
- Clutch perch is made of CNC machined A7009 aluminum.
Lever is made of CNC machined aluminum for durable construction.
- Provides 2 different lever ratios, light pulling and accurate clutch control by changing position of Ratio Device
- Best to use with PIVOT LEVER CP BRAKE.
- 3 finger and 4 finger lever arm models are available.
- Clutch wire adjuster available in blue and red colors.
- Optional hot starter lever is available.

Check out these easy to find application charts for your bike.


Parts Number Description
ZE43-1311 3Finger Titanium/Blue
ZE43-1310 3Finger Titanium/Red
ZE43-1411 4Finger Titanium/Blue
ZE43-1410 4Finger Titanium/Red
Parts Number Description
ZE43-9080 Optional Hot Starter Lever Red
Replacement Lever Arm
ZE42-3100 3 Finger
ZE42-4100 4 Finger
Replacement Adjuster assy
ZE43-9194 Blue
ZE43-9193 Red
Replacement Adapter assy
Replacement Perch assy
Replacement Dust cover
Replacement Bolt set
Replacement nylon sleeve 360º