Stacyc Bikes

What started as a need to bring 2 wheeled adventure to Ryan's family and 
"Share the Love of Riding", quickly became relevant that this project was a viable product. Baseball games at the park with older brother William, riding the prototype around the park and getting tons of attention was just the beginning of what was to come. With Ryan's entire family and business partners at the time behind him, it was apparent that this project needed to go to the next level. . . Ryan and crew began sharpening the pencil and dialing in this 2 wheel phenomenon. Many versions, revisions, updates and countless hours at home in the cul de sac with Robby (LilRagz199), and shortly behind, Thomas (BigDealRagz) to help hone the details in what was to become the first production model. STACYC is born. . . and the rest is History!