XR Style Dual Sport Tail Light Slimline

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Honda XR Style Tail Light Slim Line

Honda XR's have a sort of cult following, whether it's the smaller XR50 to the bigger ones which are the XR650L.  It's one of the most sought out and bought offroad motorcycles from the Honda Line Up.  It comes in two version which is the R and L (and it does not mean Right and Left :)  The R-models are mostly the Enduro machines designed for offroad competion, while the L-models are the dual-sport version, trailbikes with turn signals, lights, horns, and street legal tires.  

Whether you have an offroad version or a street legal version you would want to change your bulky tail light of if you don't have a tail light you would want to put one specially when you go trail riding at night.  Everyone, needs a tail light.  This Langston Motorsports XR Style Tail Light has a slim line construction making it slimmer than your regular XR Tail Light.  Please see the pictures for measurement.  It also has a Universal Design, so you can mount it one any motorycle you want with a flat or slightly curved surface.  


-Slim Line Honda XR Style Red Lens Tail Light for Dual-Sport and Offroad Dirt Bikes

-6 Vold Dual Filament Light Bulb

-3 Wires with bullet connector for Ground, Tail, and Brake Light