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1986 KTM 500cc Single Cylinder Two Stroke.
1986 KTM 500cc Two Stroke
The next in our throwback Thursday is another piece of history from our museum. This bike started life as a 1986 KTM 500MX.
1986 KTM 500cc Two Stroke

It was converted to a flat track bike and almost everything is custom.  The front wheel and tire are substantially wider and the scary thing they were pitching the bike in at 90-100 mph and there is no front disc brake.  It does however have a single disc brake in the rear.  Other changes were the lowering of the suspension, lowering the radiator and a down draft exhaust pipe to lower the center of gravity (the MX bike had an up draft exhaust).  Other custom features include a small fiber glass tank and seat, every possible part that was not absolutely necessary was removed to save weight.  This bike was kindly donated to the Langston museum by Kenny and Linda Dean and the rider back in the day was Rory Fischer. 

1986 KTM 500cc Two Stroke Owner's Manual

Original Owner's Manual

1986 KTM 500cc Two Stroke

Close up of the Engine

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  • We just want to say the bike looks great and want to say thank you. This bike has a lot of history behind it and we are happy to see that other people enjoying it.

    Kenny and Linda Dean on

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