Lake Levels Rise in Time For New WaveRunners

Posted by Gerald Langston on

Lake Elsinore water rises

After 6 years of drought, water is finally gushing into Lake Elsinore (shown) and all the other lakes in Southern California. Watercraft sales had slowed down in the past years as water levels fell, but now there is so much customer optimism that dealers may in fact run out of stock even before the summer begins.

The reason for this is that dealers cut back on watercraft orders as the drought lingered and not having a reliable crystal ball, did not know until their 2017 orders had been placed and delivered that the drought would break. However Langston Motorsports has all the 2017 Yamaha WaveRunners in stock, including the All New EX model priced from $6599.00. The new EX WaveRunner seats 3 and is powered by a Yamaha 3 cylinder 4 stroke Marine Engine. Call us on 951 471 8205 for Pre Summer sales prices before they are all gone.

-Gerald Langston

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